Stop Making Baseball Players Weak

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I want to make this my introduction into a three part series discussing: bench press, programmed rep numbering, and useful agility programing. These are three issues or points of discussion I see when training baseball players.

Being part of Pro Source, I had the luxury of guiding and running the Texas Pro Showcase over last winter. As a personal trainer, one of the biggest moments for me came after the showcase. We had several pro scouts and college recruiters stay afterward to watch one guy. This guy hadn’t pitched in several years. He thought his competitive days were over. Last time he played competitively was three years before. During that time, he clocked out around 88mph. The story I’m referring to is about Gabe Noyalis. He spent 3 years away and joined a powerlifting program. Lifting heavy. As I have always said, heavy is a heavy does: The kid showed up and threw 95-98mph.

I have never heard a specialist say that being strong was a problem. If strength interfered with mobility, then that was a fault of training. But, to say strength and size is a detriment, is pure ignorance of requirement for performance.

Again, I want to tackle several obstacles in regard to training for baseball players, but also for athletes in general. My next post will be about the bench press for baseball players.

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Evan Fox

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