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"Pitching Prodigy: Unleashing Greatness On The Mound"
by Pro Pitcher and World Series winning MLB Scout Brandon Agamennone

"As a parent of a Pitcher, I hear so much different information on how to help him. This book was so easy to understand and creates a clear path for success now and long term. My son feels a lot more confident out there now."

Custom Wood Bats

From the very popular M110 to the thicker 141, we've got over 32 cuts and styles to choose from and over 400 color combinations! An incredible gift for the baseball player in your family to take their sweet swing to the next level!

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Pro Source Logo Hats

Great comfort and durability with a very cool look! The Pro Source logo snap back hats are designed to be worn around town or at a game with great breathable material and color options!

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